About this site

According to a recent report by Deque, almost 70% of websites in the US do not meet even basic elements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, today's gold standard for web accessibility. Even major restaurant chains, public figures, and presidential campaigns have websites that remain inaccessible to blind and low-sighted users.

I think the reason for this is twofold: people a) don't know what accessibility guidelines are and b) they don't understand why they are important. I get it: I used to be one of these people. It took me a serious concussion, during which I used screen readers to access the internet, to actually start caring.

It shouldn't have.

For that reason, I've created this site to be as accessible as I can. I built and designed it using basic HTML/CSS/Javascript. Here are some features and development practices I've included:

Still, I know that accessibility is a process, so please reach out if you are having any issues accessing this site, or if you have questions about how to make your site more accessible! Remember: Designing for accessibility is not that hard, and disability is all around us.


Resume available upon request.

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