Internet Archive of a Semester on Fire

[IASF] Not the beginning and not the end

Today inaugurates a semester on fire.

Poetics include:

A clear box full soft, dentable fur. Numerical bumping and buzz, the wagging whorl. Déjeuner sur l'herbe muffled safe with the rabbits, eyes that drop. The vinegar wonders safe as an almost but I'm still [measuring out my life with coffee spoons]. Slippage and echo, ceilings and splints, a split curl catching a zooming cobble. Thar be a link, a kink, a trickle. Marie bolting upright, washing out of bed.

Highlights include:

  • "Norm and me, we're both big fans of pastrami"
  • « Take rest. »
  • Impromptu (de)bugging.

A new expedition: internet archive of a semester on fire

Trying to find the liberation of existing at the limits of hyperspace.

Writing in hypertext in an attempt to love hybridity // plasticity // things so variable they walk right out of archives.

Wishing for more time // time // time // throwing thoughts into a deadened list of keys.


Resume available upon request.